Graduates of Utah Tech’s Teacher Education Programs are highly sought after by school districts across the nation. Our department is renowned for our nationally accredited programs, professional preparedness, supportive staff, local and international student teaching locations, and high placement rates. Pursue a career that enriches your life—and the lives of others.

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Degrees Offered

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Upon completing the prerequisite General Education and Program prerequisite courses, students are eligible to apply to the Elementary Education Program.


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The Secondary Education Program is a licensure program designed to work in conjunction with students’ declared majors. Students will have the benefit of two academic advisors – one for their content major and one for the Secondary Education Program.


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Elementary Education, B.S.

The mission of the Department of Education is to develop competent, caring, and qualified teachers by ensuring that our students acquire the necessary professional knowledge in content and teaching. In pursuit of that goal, the department provides engaging and rigorous classes in the essential areas of teaching, extensive practicum/field experiences in a variety of settings, and advisement/mentoring/supervision from experienced, knowledgeable, and caring professors—all within the context of a student-centered learning environment.

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Secondary Education Licensure

The UT Secondary Education Licensure program MUST be paired with a bachelor’s degree (BA/BS) in a Utah State Office of Education-approved content area. Students who have already completed an acceptable BA/BS degree may complete the courses required for secondary licensure only.

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Elementary STEM Endorsement

The Elementary STEM Endorsement is for K-8 in-service teachers. The endorsement consists of six courses approved by the Utah State Office of Education and fulfills the requirements for an Elementary STEM Teaching Endorsement. Acceptance into the STEM Endorsement cohort is required to enroll in any of the courses.

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Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Education is to create learning experiences for its candidates that foster collaboration, professionalism, and competence in content and pedagogical knowledge. Through the integration of leadership, scholarship, reflection, and community partnerships, our department prepares its candidates to be outstanding teachers within diverse and changing communities.


The outcomes listed below align to national accreditation standards (CAEP), Utah State standards for effective teaching (UETS)*, and Utah Tech University core themes of learning, engagement, and opportunity.

  • Identify and accommodate individual learner differences and cultural, linguistic, and physical diversity. (UETS 1 & 2)
  • Create environments that support individual and collaborative learning, positive social interactions, active engagement in learning, and self-motivation. (UETS 3)
  • Apply central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structures of the discipline. (UETS 4)
  • Formulate multiple methods of assessment to engage learners in their own growth, monitor learner progress, guide planning and instruction, and determine whether the outcomes described in content standards have been met. (UETS 5)
  • Plan and implement instruction to support students in meeting rigorous learning goals by drawing upon knowledge of content, Utah Core Standards, instructional best practices, and the community context. (UETS 6 & 7)
  • Analyze evidence to continually reflect on and adapt practices to meet the needs of each learner. (UETS 8)
  • Exhibit leadership to engage collaboratively with learners, families, colleagues, and community members, and demonstrates professional and ethical behavior. (UETS 9 & 10)


Adriana Brandt, Ph.D.

Department Chair

Email: Adriana.Brandt@dixie.edu

Phone: 435-879-4327

Office: WEDU 133B

Mary McFadden

Administrative Assistant

Email: Mary.McFadden@dixie.edu

Phone: 435-879-4247

Office: WEDU 157

Zac Olson

Education Advisor

Email: Zac.Olson@dixie.edu

Phone: 435-652-7846

Office: WEDU 121